Monday, 5 September 2011

LWI: Sumatra Jade (an experiment)

There was a time in August, just a tiny bit if space in continuum, where, while waiting for some wraps to arrive, and having finished previous orders, I decided to try my hands on something new. Something that I had vague knowledge about only (just some technical details, that`s all), but I felt I could experiment with my own way of doing it, since this technique had always seemed so forgiving yet so creative!
So here`s my first Low Water Immersion adventure result, commited on a size 4 stripped Jade Spring that had been laying in the depth of my wardrobe.
It came out quite interesting! And is now in a new home, hopefully bringing some joy:)

I must say I found it refreshing, to try this new to me technique. Although I think it`s a far cry from what the true queen of LWI, Alisa does:)

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  1. Happy for you for trying a new technique. Beautiful experiment Ola!