Tuesday, 30 November 2010

GD: yet another Amethite Rosie...

My (and I mean "my" as recently revived by me, but not at all invented!) colour combination for first Amethyst and Hematite Rosalinde has proven so popular that it is living quite a busy life now.
But that`s enough of this self-appreciacion outburst (once in a while it doesn`t do any harm, right?)
I have also been asked to recreate one for a lovely American mama who however wanted the rails darker and colours slightly more intensive, so here is Amethite II:

Sunday, 28 November 2010

GD: Tuscany Indio

I bought this beautiful Indio Sand with linen last week and thought that it has to stay the way it is, as the sandy brown thread is just gorgeous. But...I also wanted to dye it, so decided to choose colours that are warm, earthy, subtle and simple.
Tuscany Indio was born in a bath of Yucca Green, Antique Gold and Chocolate Brown. The colours fortunately didn`t cover the sandy thread, so it has created a very nice contrast throughout.
So-mild balsamic air, round green hills, warm rich earth...Tuscany!

...and Tuscany is going to live in Australia!:)

Friday, 26 November 2010

GD: Zara Sandy Cove

A little update from the most recent project that was an experimental play with unusual colour combo: an Electric Blue and Bronze mixed with a bit of Antique Gold.
I must admit I love the final result-a distant shore where nobody lives, and the misterious sea washes into shimmery sand...a Sandy Cove, that is-I know, sounds like a name of a Pirates film;)
Anyway, it is a variation of my "dream wrap", up for sale now, as the actual dream is going to be made in the next couple of days for one sweet mama!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

GD: Dusk Rose

A friend of mine got herself a BNIB Didymos Chiara in size 6; she wanted to gradation dye it herself.
But the result was less than satisfactionary to her...so I bought it off her, thinking it was worth saving.
Removing the stubborn dye and covering the splotchy areas was quite difficult, as the previous colours were very bright and intense, and didn`t want to come out.

For my gradation I have used Carmin Red and Chocolate Brown with a bit of Charcoal Grey-the effect was quite unexpected...but I think it looks quite nice now, this Dusk Rose. Would suit a dark haired lady with olive skin (which I am not unfortunately!)
Update as of 25th November-I must be a medium of some sort, my Rose is heading to a lovely mama in Malaysia!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

GD: Amethite (Rosalinde`s upgrade:)

As I had promised, I`ve redone my linen blend Rosalinde. I wanted the colours to be stronger, so I subjected her to another dip.
This is what my Hematite and Amethyst looks now:

And it`s going to America!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

GD: Atlantis

I just adore Ellevill`s Zaras and the way they dye-to me, they`re perfect for gradations, they absorb colours in the right way.
I also love blue in all shades, especially those warm seas turquoises, teals, aquamarines, cobalts... So when I got another Zara white, I knew exactly what colours it would be.
I decided to make it a three colour gradation, with tropical turqouoise in the middle and as a base; deep cobalt on one side and intensive teal on another.
Mixing the dyes was also fun-I used Cobalt Blue, Medium Blue, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Robin`s Egg and Teal-that`s a lot of colours! But the result I think, was worth it.
I`ve named it Atlantis, as it reminds me of the mysterious island described by Plato.

I am happy Atlantis has found its` home ...

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

GD: Peonies

This is another Chiara-somehow I cannot make them perfect, even though they seem to be the easiest wraps to dye!
Anyway, the middle is rather dip dyed than gradation dyed, which created interesting effect of torn flower petals. The green is Avocado with a tiny bit of Teal (which left slightly darker bluish patches here and there), and the purple is my mixture of Marine Violet, Deep Purple and Cobalt.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

GD: Hematite and Amethyst

This is another gradation done on Didymos Rosalinde. 50% linen and lots of really hard work!
On the pink side:

And on the grey side:

Although I am quite happy with the result, Rosie will have another dip when the Dharma dyes finally arrive from the US. I want her to be more charcoal and more eggplant!