Friday, 26 August 2011

Pesci Nebbia not so foggy anymore:)

I have a lot to update here, but of course no time when I need it...I`ll try however to do my best to show some of the recent dye jobs, and will start with the newest fishy wrap by Didymos.

This is Pesci Nebbia, the first ever woven (by Didymos) with the use of naturally dyed linen fibre. The effect is light yellow on the verge of delicate lime green. That is surely very pretty, unfortunately, in its` lightness, too tempting to experiment with colours:) It felt a bit strange to overdye the first naturally dyed wrap, but then I decided this shade of yellow was not complimenting my skin tone very much:)

So I mixed some reds (with main colours being Burgundy, Fire Engine Red and jet Black) and a stunningly shimmery Stendhalesque fishies emerged:

I love how the colours peeks through in between the black threads, which of course remain black during the dye process! I named it Nebbia Hoernum for obvious copycat reasons;)

Then I got itchy fingers and knew I wanted to try another colour. I had to buy another wrap; luckily my friend fell in love with Nebbia Hoernum and off to live with her it went.
New arrivals then took a bath in a mixture of Aqua, TUrquoise, Cayman Isle green and Jade green (which in reality is bright teal). I must have overdone it with greens though, as it came a bit too green for my taste...Nebbia Lagoon:

So I`ll probably redip it in some more turquoisy shades. But not very soon, as there are 3 other shoals of Nebbia fishies waiting in their boxes to be dyed before they can go to their homes:)

Friday, 12 August 2011

GD: Water Rose natty linen Indio

A lovely Canadian mama sent me her beloved natty linen Indio hoping for some pleasant transformation. She wanted it pink, but subtle pink, and green, of the salvia/sage/mint of sorts kind. Nothing loud in general:)
The pink part was easy, as there`s always Baby Pink at hand that can replace (usually demanded) Fuchsia or Hot Pink.
With the green however I had to mix some dyes to obtain the satisfying shade. I used Yucca green as a base, and then added various other dyes until it looked right.
Now the wrap is on the way back home, and the name has been given by the owner who said it looked like roses floating in water. And it does!
I really hope it`ll be as much loved as it was in its` natty state.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

GD: Morroccan (Ecru) Pfau

This linen bird flew over from Spain back in July for transformation; the owner sent me some inspiration pictures via email as well, specifying that she would love a colour set that would remind her the country of Morrocco that her family loves very much. It was really exciting for me, as I always like those "artistic freedom" projects:) There is always risk that the end result won`t be exactly what the mama wanted/imagined, but that happens extremely rarely (thank all gods!).
On this occassion the colour choice I`ve made, based on the pictures Nieves had sent, has been accepted and the Morroccan Pfau is already at home, hopefully bringing up memories of desert sands and camels roaming them, green mint tea leaves and delicious meals being cooked in traditional tagine dishes in all colours.

Friday, 5 August 2011

GD: Kalypso Silk Waves

This time of year my thoughts escape to the Greek islands in every possible moment-maybe because it`s been three years since I last went there!
So when ever patient and lovely Jen asked me to dye her stripped silk Waves wrap-requesting one colour (pink) somewhere, the rest of colours leaving with me-I thought it could be inspired by the shades of early morning on a Greek island. You know the gist-the sea is still dark grey, gently swaying in the remains of the night, while sky above becomes subtly lit by rising sun, eventually bursting in purples, pinks and fabulous pale blues. How I wish I could board the plane now!
But I can`t.
So instead Jen`s getting the company of mysterious nymph Kalypso that held Odysseus hostage for seven years:)
I think she likes how the Waves have turned out-and I can tell her that this gradation is full of positive, dreamy vibe!:)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

GD: Arwen Pamir

I couldn`t think of a different name for this gradation since I saw the inspiration picture for it -and was told the colours the mama who sent the wrap over wanted.
She looked so beautiful on this picture, that I immediately thought about Mr Tolkien`s fantastic realms and their glorious inhabitants.
And we all know who Arwen was there...
So, having in mind lovely Abigail`s colours request and the picture of her on her wedding day, I dipped Mr P in a bath of peachy pink, rose pink and some aqua green/blue.
The colours were supposed to be lightest possible , with only the rails more accentuated.
It`s on the way home now and I hope Abigail will find it as nice as it was for me to create it...