Thursday, 19 April 2012

Long overdue update

Hello dear friends!
I have taken a very long break from updating this blog. So long that in fact, I don`t see the way now to make it up and running smoothly again...blame my too relaxed nature!;)

Well I am also planning to stop dyeing on order sometime towards the end of this year. I cannot predict what future holds, but I have some exciting plans and visions of new ventures to conquer, that I cannot possibly do either thing with half energy...
That is what I think now however, I`ll see if I have enough stamina to move to pastures new! I love dyeing and I know it will be hard...

For now, you can see all new dye jobs on my FB page:

and all pictures are of course in the Photos section there.

I hope to see you there!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

3 silkies from Natibaby: Swans, Elves and Dandelions

These recent releases by Polish Natibaby have created some stir in the babywearing world, and no wonder: they`re beautiful, sophisticated and sturdy.
And because of silk content, absolutely fabulous to dye!

I was lucky to be able to experiment on all three of them-firstly, the swans, dyed with Red Cherry acid dye from Jacquard. It went to live in sunny Spain with one pretty mama, and it looked like this...

Next were my very own Dandelions which again I dyed with acid dye for silk-this time a mixture of Silver Grey and Jet Black to create some sort of grapphite grey:

And the last, but not least, the beautiful Elves sent by one UK mama who wanted them spiced up a little from their natural beige and white appearance. For this I used both procion and acid dyes to create a two colour effect:

Thursday, 15 September 2011

GD: Moss (55% linen) Adobe

This is another of August creations-a gradation on a linen Moss that was sitting in my wrap cupboard, waiting for some spare time. I had some on one day, so took the opportunity to dye it.
I chose warm orangey shade against pewter grey, which belongs to warmer greys, as opposite to charcoal. I thought of those handmade, naturally sourced bricks still being manufactured and used in many parts of the world, about their earthy tones and spirit of sustainity. Also, those colours seemed perfect for the coming Fall...
The Mossy now is (hopefully) living with one mama across the big pond, and here are some pictures:

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

GD: Exotic Flowers and Burgundy hemp indios

This time two Indios with hemp, for one lovely lady from Spain.
First goes Exotic Flowers, for which one of my previous grads was an inspiration (Monsoon Flowers). That one was done on a silk Indio however, therefore overall effect was a bit different.
Nevertheless, colours worked fine for hempy too:

Then goes a Burgundy hempyt, which initially was to be a solid colour dyed, then a one colour grad, then two shades of one colour, and ended up as a three colour gradation (with three shades of -more or less-one colour).
I hope it will grow on the owner after such perturbances:)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

More Nebbia Fische-Aquamarine and Sapphire

Two other fishy wraps have been dyed, one for Jacki and one for Jeanette.
Both requests were for blue, and I managed to aquire two different results: lighter blue with slightly greenish tint (the Aquamarine):

and a darker one, the Sapphire:

I must say those wraps turned out quite difficult to dye blue-for the Sapphire, I had to add a fair amount of Jet Black to make sure the original limey green won`t affect the colour shade, as it did in case of Aquamarine.
However both look lovely and I hope their owners will like them too.

Monday, 5 September 2011

LWI: Sumatra Jade (an experiment)

There was a time in August, just a tiny bit if space in continuum, where, while waiting for some wraps to arrive, and having finished previous orders, I decided to try my hands on something new. Something that I had vague knowledge about only (just some technical details, that`s all), but I felt I could experiment with my own way of doing it, since this technique had always seemed so forgiving yet so creative!
So here`s my first Low Water Immersion adventure result, commited on a size 4 stripped Jade Spring that had been laying in the depth of my wardrobe.
It came out quite interesting! And is now in a new home, hopefully bringing some joy:)

I must say I found it refreshing, to try this new to me technique. Although I think it`s a far cry from what the true queen of LWI, Alisa does:)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

GD: Zara She Samoa

Yet another August update...and I hope Keila won`t mind the name:)
When I`m asked to dye a wrap with blues and yellows, I can`t help but drift away to some remote tropical islands-if only in my day-dreaming!
And such colours on a silky Zara always work fantastic, what with the shimmer and subtle shade shifting by the pattern...

So here`s a very uplifiting wrap for a beautiful lady and her sweet wrappee: