Thursday, 30 December 2010

GD: Zara She Zen

This project was quite challenging as I had never dyed a silk blend wrap before.
But after some (rather unsuccessful) research I managed to come up with my own recipee which surprisingly worked.
With the use of acid dyes then (Silver and Jet Black colours) Zara She Zen was born:

Zara Zen is going to live under California sun:)

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

GD: Two classics

There is nothing better in this world than a good book and a glass of decent wine to accompany:)
So when I had a chance to dye 2 naked Zaras for my own pleasure, two immortal classics of English literature became my instant inspiration: Wuthering Heights and Sense and Sensibility.
I dyed these two wraps some time ago, but only had a chance to iron and photograph them recently.For mboth I used only Dharma Procion mx dyes.

Here is Wuthering Heights, for which I chose Charcoal Grey and a mix of various purples in order to obtain a real gloomy moors impression; colour combo is similar to my previous Rosalindes grads (but only similar!):

And here`s Sense and Sensibility dyed with Raspberry and Fuchsia pink mix and light Chocolate Brown to reflect the two sides of a woman`s soul.These colours take me back to my first ever grad done on a Chiara, which I hope is still a source of good karma for its` owner...

Friday, 24 December 2010

Fiona`s Mini Rainbow

This wrap (a Lana with stars:) was already dyed with 5 subtle colours when it arrived for a make-over, but the mama who owned it wanted the colours to be more vivid and maybe a bit different.
So I tried my best to make it as vivid as possible given the already dyed background...

I hope this will brighten the gloomy winter days for Fiona!

Friday, 17 December 2010

New Year`s Promotion for lucky winners!

New year begins soon, so I have an offer for anyone who wants a grad on their wrap.
Two wraps, actually:)
I will dye 2 wraps for the price of 1-you can send two wraps of your own or you can pair up and then spread the cost, I don`t mind.
I will be collecting the offers until the end of this year and then draw a lucky winner (or winners!)
Back shipping is not included, but the rest is.
So get those blanks and spam me with interest!

update as of 1st January:
the winner is Alisa DeMarco, and the lucky draw is here:!/video/video.php?v=1537151677926&oid=167825049918486&comments
Thank you all mamas, I wish all could win!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

GD: Dawn after Storm

I have been lucky again to be asked by the lovely German mama to dye another wrap for her. The gradation was to be done on a white Zara and the chosen colours were supposed to be a strong pink and dark grey.
This reminded me of a long-awaited dawn after the night storm on a sea...

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

GD: Dream Coast

Looks like there are a lot of dreams here recently!
But this one is mine, and the lovely lady who wanted a grad chose to have this one done for her after I had sent her some colour combinations projects-I couldn`t be more happy! I`ve got to do my dream grad and now it is going to live with someone who actually likes it!
I hope it will be well loved-after all, Ms M. has been waiting for it for quite a time, bearing patiently with my colour experiments:)

Monday, 6 December 2010

GD: Susana`s Dream

Another Azur has visited my colour conservatory recently-a lady with artistic soul wanted it to become her true soulmate:)
So it has taken a dip (actually, couple dips!) in a purple and red bath.
I mixed various colours to obtain this plum, warm purple and burning reds, but it was all worth it, I dare say!:)
Hopefully Susana will feel it is really HER wrap.

GD: Northsea Impression

I have a very emotional attitude towards this particular wrap.
Over a month ago a sweet mama from Germany asked me to grad dye a wrap for her; she also ordered the naked wrap for it, an Indio Hemp. As an inspiration, I was to use her photograph of a beautiful evening on the North Sea beach.
Eager to create this impression, I ordered the wrap and waited...sigh...
It took a month for it to arrive, after in the end I decided to buy it from the manufacturer directly.
Without going into details about all this unfortunate purchase, here is the Northsea Impression, with smokey (accidental) purplish pink on one end and dusky grey on another.
I hope this wrap will only accumulate good karma for its` owner!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

GD: Cayman Breeze

A lovely mama from New York asked me to dye her Azur.
She wasn`t really sure about the colours, liking greys and greens/blues though. I was happy to realize that her favoured hues were my favoured ones !
So it was decided that one side would be definitely grey. But what about the other...?
At first, I mixed some Teal with Aquamarine, and this was born out of it:

Nice, but not lively enough for us, she said, sending me some pictures for inspiration. She was quite sure which direction she wanted to go then, and this also gave me an idea what might work...
So Azur was given another bath and what was created is here:

Friday, 3 December 2010

Rainbow Celeste:)

Not so much a gradation, but definitely a dye job!
A lovely lady said to me that she didn`t like any subtle tones and colours on her wraps-and that she wanted a rainbow.
A rainbow has 7 colours, so 7 colours it is!

"Stripey" look on request:)