Sunday, 31 July 2011

GD: Smokey Sunset (Leo diamonds)

Diamonds are not my favoured weave. They`re beautiful, of course, that goes without saying. But somehow they are strangely resistant to easy grad-dyeing, at least to me-so I sighed a little when this very patient mama sent me a natty Leo to be transformed into a sunset gradation.
I knew my nemesis wouldn`t let me rest, and indeed I spent some longer than usual time working on this particular grad. And I need to thank Elizabeth for her enormous patience-not only did I have to wait for some supplies to arrive to finish the job, but also my little personal sunshine decided that middle of the summer season was the best time in year to catch a (quite heavy) cold.
However, the diamonds finally gave in, and here`s the result...

GD: Ionian Sea hemp indio

This hempy was initially supposed to have a tiny strip of light pink along one rail, but it was rather impossible to keep it pinky-pink with the tide of blues that were following. So the very lovely mama decided to have it all blue.
But blue in three variations: turquoise, teal/caribbean and navy blue.
After much struggling with stubborn turquoise that would keep coming out too pale, I`ve managed to create a real Ionian Sea for Mari (who chose the name herself, and right so, as the Ionian Sea I remember from my travels does have such shades!)

Another request was to have the tapers covered completely in navy so there is no gradation showing on them.
Hempy is in its` home now and will hopefully be loved!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

GD: Purple Haze Violet Pfau

The name has been previously partly used by Alisa of Color Dip Studios, but I couldn`t think of a better one for this lovely mama`s transformed Pfau!
Originally a Violet one, it screamed for some colour as she said, so upon arrival it plunged straight into a bucketful of strong violet and then a mixture of dark purples with the Imperial and Eggplant prevailing.
I decided to leave one rail untouched for a few centimetres, to underline the contrast with the other rail, and for obvious visual effect. The mama accepted it and this is how hazed the birds have become!:)

Monday, 18 July 2011

GD: Pamir Fresia

This Pamir was sent by Monique from Netherlands; her inspiration was a certain Pamir dyed by amazing Vanessa some time ago for another mama, with Red Violet and purples featuring heavily, and with some Robin`s Egg Blue as a sidekick:) Only Monique wanted the Red Violet to be more of a dark Raspberry (with RV undertones) and purple to be a true dark, imperial one. And Robin`s Egg Blue was to be only an accent on one rail.

The wrap is currently on the way to Netherlands, and I`m hoping Monique and Feya will love it as they do love the hempy Anegada v2.
I`ve decided to name this one after a flower, because it reminds me of fresias that like so much. I know that Holland is a tulip empire, and certainly there are probably zillions of the purple-ish blends alone, but...fresias are subtler and prettier, and also to be found in the country of Vermeer!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Two silk Jades: Icicle and Silverpink

I`m still trying to catch up with updating the blog, so here are two wraps together, but they`re like sisters in reality:)
Both are 50% silk Ellevil`s Jade Shes, and both dyed with contrast, with the use of 2 different techniques (and colours) each.

First goes the Icicle. Catherine, the lady who sent it for transformation, was inspired by Didymos` beautiful Indio Eisblau (and I mean: truly beautiful one!), so first I dyed the silk thread with the mixture of Jacquard`s acid colours (Gunmetal, Silver and some blue), and then, after the prompt wash, I treated the cotton part to some usual Dharma`s procion (Wedgewood Blue and Baby Blue mostly) in a very subtle quantity.
Icicle seemed to be the most appropriate name!
And, for some strange reason, the light blue of cotton is not very much showing on my pictures, but believe me, it is there:)

Then goes almost fresh from the oven, the Silverpink silky, made on request of a very special Polish mama, who is compiling the wrap stash for her soon to be born baby. She loved the colours on the Ellevil`s bamboo Silverpink, and wanted them recreated on this silky Jade. I hope I`ve managed!
Here silk thread is acid dyed pink, and cotton procion-ed with subtle charcoal grey.

Friday, 15 July 2011

GD: Pamir Sochi

Sochi is a name of a resort in Russia, at the Black Sea. I can`t possible know if the owner of this wrap has ever been there, or maybe will be in future. However she lives in Russia and it`s more possible than me going there. And how I wish I would one day!
Black Sea region is one of the most fascinating places of our battered old world, spanning two continents, six countries and thousands of years of human culture. It`s sea bed is covered with remains of ancient ports, shipwrecks and mountains of portable objects. And did you know that it`s where all the deluge myths originated...?

Ok, back to Pamir-and I am sorry for the archaeological geekiness, old habits die hard:)

So, Maria wanted her beloved Pamir dyed with light grey, turquoise, petrol and dark blue, with a strip left naked. I think these are the colours of the Black Sea when looking at the satellite pictures, and those taken on the shores. Sochi`s as well!

GD: Natur Pfau Hanako

The mama who sent me her Natur Pfau (which is almost an identical twin brother of Ecru Pfau, to those of you who don`t know which one it is, as I didn`t know it existed for a long tme as well;) is probably not connected to Japan and all things Japanese at all.
But her colours inspiration was a beautiful Sakura sling that she used to own. Then I saw her holidays pictures and thought immediately of this name for the gradation.
Hanako means "flower child" in Japanese. Lauren`s little wrappee is like a beautiful flower growing from love. The grad reflects the silk sling`s Japanese inspired pattern and colours. All pieces fall in place, and that`s how I like it...

Friday, 1 July 2011

GD: Anhelo II Rosalinde

And here`s another second release of a one LE colourway:))
Catherine wanted the first Anhelo grad that I had put up for sale not long ago, but in the end it went to live with Stefanie and her little boy.
I have recreated it on another Rosalinde for Catherine and it will be in the post tomorrow.
I must say it cheers me up, even to look at it. I hope it`ll be doing the same in its` new home!

GD: Hemp Indio Anegada II

I was thinking of another name for this gradation, perhaps deriving from another island of the Virgin Islands archipelago...but in the end I thought that this will be the first Anegada`s twin sister.
The grad colours here were chosen by one little girl from Netherlands, who liked the first Anegada grad on pictures. She decided this was the wrap whe wanted to be carried in and so her mom had to agree! Those little wrappees, they do have their ways, don`t they! Monique could only decide on the colours strenght and proportions:)
So a hempy Indio arrived and was dyed according to the colourway chosen some time ago by another super sweet mama for her grad...
I know now that the new Anegada is already loved and snuggled in-that is always most wonderful news.