Thursday, 6 October 2011

3 silkies from Natibaby: Swans, Elves and Dandelions

These recent releases by Polish Natibaby have created some stir in the babywearing world, and no wonder: they`re beautiful, sophisticated and sturdy.
And because of silk content, absolutely fabulous to dye!

I was lucky to be able to experiment on all three of them-firstly, the swans, dyed with Red Cherry acid dye from Jacquard. It went to live in sunny Spain with one pretty mama, and it looked like this...

Next were my very own Dandelions which again I dyed with acid dye for silk-this time a mixture of Silver Grey and Jet Black to create some sort of grapphite grey:

And the last, but not least, the beautiful Elves sent by one UK mama who wanted them spiced up a little from their natural beige and white appearance. For this I used both procion and acid dyes to create a two colour effect: