Monday, 30 May 2011

GD: Pamir Cote d`Azure

Another Pamir wrap came recently for transformation, this time from sunny France.
The lady who owns this special wrap knew exactly what colours she wanted it dyed, as well as the name for it. After adjusting one more detail (she wasn`t sure about the third colour that would mark the rail end of natty part, and I suggested light grey, as a strip of pebbly beach), a gradation was prepared according to the inspiration picture that the mama sent in her email.
The picture showed a grey pebbly beach, being washed by white foam towards the water line; then there was vast turquoise sea, darkening on the horizon. A proper Med-siesta theme, one that I`ve been dreaming of for the last 3 years:)
Anyway, this is what came out of the dreaming:

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Zara She April (inspired)

I`ve been quite busy recently with gradations, but decided to transform one Zara She in the meantime as it didn`t require to be hung on my set-up...So, having been obsessed a bit with petrol/sapphire-chartreuse/lime colour combination, which resulted in adding an April Indio to my stash, I thought those colours might work nice on a silk Zara, what with the separated thread areas.
I gave it a go then, and this is what came out of it:

And here with similarily coloured wraps, cotton Zara Lemongrass, April Indio and Nautilus Aqua.

Of course, overall effect is a bit different, because it`s a silk blend and besides, I couldn`t quite decide which colours to choose exactly. But it`s definitely in the family:).
This one is available to purchase, as I`ve fulfilled my desire to experiment, and I`m quite content with my other, naked Zara She:)

Thursday, 26 May 2011

GD: Pamir Rose

I got another Pamir wrap to be dyed (and again, I was so swooooon by it!)
The mama who sent it liked the colours of one Zara that I did some time ago, and asked for them to be recreated to resemble an old/rustic rose, with one rail left natty.
I think there are roses to be found blooming in the Pamir mountains area...I certainly hope so! And I also hope so this one will be well loved by Catherine:)

Colours used here/as I love mixing dyes: Baby Pink with a touch of Fuchsia Red; many many delicate purples; Chocolate and Dark Brown.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

GD: Zara Anemone

One lovely mama sent me her Zara Natur for transformation not knowing for sure what she wanted...she liked pinks and blues, and thought about two of my earlier gradations on Zaras, but couldn`t decide which to choose. So I offered to mix their colourways so she could have both in one. She liked the idea and that`s how Zara Anemone was created.
I must say I like it so very much that it has given me an idea for my daughter`s legacy gradation wrap finally!
And I hope Lina will like this wrap, and it will give her many sweet moments with her new squishy:)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Chinablue Indio!

Indio Chinablue with silk is beautiful, of course. It`s the one I had been lusting after for very long time, and it made me incredibly happy when I managed to finally get it for myself, thanks to one wonderful ISO answering mama.
BUT one thing bothered me, and it bothered me a lot-the lavender silk thread.
I love all shades of purple, from the palest lilac and lavender, to the darkest plum and imperial. But I love them in nature, or on other people. Even on my own daughter:) But not on me!
So, I decided to give it a slight makeover one afternoon, while a gradation on order was soaking in the dye, and my washing machine waited empty-drummed:)
With the help of the said washer, a few teaspoons of turquoise acid dye, some salt and vinegar, His Silkiness dove in hot water. He came in like this...

...and an hour later entered the room (well, kitchen actually, as that`s where our washer is) like this:

So, the chinablue cotton thread has remained the same of course, while the not-so-me lavender silk one has become so-much-me turquoise.
Overall effect from distance is shimmery sapphire, which I adore.
Let me say it then: I love you so much now, my little Chinese!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

GD: Zara Sunset

I did this gradation over a week ago, when I came back from my holidays as an exercise helping me to get back on track, but only recently I`ve had time to photograph it-and put up for sale.
The gradation reflecting a sunset has been done on a size 6 Zara Leaf, which I gently stripped first to amazingly beautiful yellow and white state. I left part of it undyed later on then, to keep this effect.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Some blossoms, some birds and some diamonds

I am finding it really hard to get back into the routine after returning from my holidays. I have wraps waiting and some more coming, yet I`m struggling-this must be post-holiday blues;/
Anyway, slowly I`m getting back on track, with some gradations brewing already, and some solid dyes I`ve finished.

So here are three of them.

First goes Didymos Cherry Blossom, a beautiful silk blend wrap sent to me by a lovely Spanish mama, who wanted it all pink with variation in shades. So CB took a plunge in both acid and procion dyes:

Then there are two wraps belonging to one witty Polish mama who just loves the colour green, and therefore wanted both transformed to her preferences....
So, a Tiefblau Indio dyed subtle light apple-ish green:

And Ecru Pfau now turned May Pfau:

Sunday, 15 May 2011

GD: Natibaby Twilight Rainforest

So, it`s been almost a month since my last post...that`s because I spent almost 3 weeks on Easter "holidays" with my family in Poland. Not real holidays, but still, time to relax-at least in theory:)
Before I left however, I managed to dye another wrap for a charity auction winner, where my gradation service was one of the auctionned items. The mama who bid on it sent me her cotton Natibaby wrap to dye roughly with my previous Rainforests colours. I was curious of the outcome, as this was first ever Nati wrap that I was dyeing (and seriously the softest of all I ever touched!).
It came out more like twilight time rainforest rather than bright daytime one:) The reasons were twofold: the wrap itself is beige rather than off-white, and ...I ran out of bright emerald green. So my mixture of greens resulted in such unusual effect.
I showed it to the mama prepared to wait for the dye supplies and redip that end, but she loved it the way it was, to my surprise. So here is, the Twilight Rainforest, albeit free from vampires!