Thursday, 14 April 2011

Erica vel Winter Heath or Violett Pfau brought to life

Out of habit (or should I say, addiction), I ordered a new Violet Pfau wrap from Didymos, hoping it would strip nicely to soft pink colour, but this Cold Turkey wouldn`t just, last night, while my set-up was occupied by another wrap, I took the bird to the bathtub.
And out it came, all sweet and girly, reminding me of those early spring flowers, bearing the Latin name of Erica Carnea. Commonly known as Winter Heath.
But Erica is a pretty name, and so is my Cold Turkey now!
A word of explanation: pink is not my colour of choice normally, but I make some exceptions with wraps:) and with this sort of purple not too many colours would really go well I think...


  1. So did you strip it at all, or just dye it pink? Just curious to know what one would look like stripped ;)

  2. no, the new pfauen are not strippable:)