Friday, 24 June 2011

County Kerry Pamir (and Hokkaido Wildrose)

There is one mama out there who, although being born Russian, has a Celtic soul. Her two little daughters are half - Irish then, and she loves especially one part of Ireland, where there are sights and nature spectacles happening every day like nowhere else...
You have probably seen her on many babywearing pictures, and definitely if you happen to know Ellevil wraps:)

So, when she sent me her Pamir, she asked for it to be dyed with the use of specific shades which would remind her of the County Kerry in western Ireland everytime she looked at it.
The colours chosen were: deep bottle green, grass green, golden yellow, peachy pink, purple and grey. Because the order of colours originally was not specified, I had to think of a way to arrange them all in a harmonious way on this special wrap. In the end I decided to go exactly this way, which resulted in a very nice palette-except the grey which, as it often happens when applied on purple base, turned auberginey-smokey purple. I showed it to the mama just in case she wanted to keep it, in the meantime preparing the dye for a redip of the supposed-to - be -grey rail. Buth the smokey aubergine was accepted so I could leave the dye for another wrap:)

So that`s how County Kerry Pamir was created and is currently on the way home...

Natalia also sent me her Natibaby Hokkaido beige with hemp for transformation, which she wanted light pink, similar to Indio Wildrose maybe.
Off to the stripping bath it went upon arrival then, coming out absolutely stunningly beautiful. Creamy white with slightly vanilla cast-I fell in love instantly.

But no sentiments here, it had to be dyed:)

So a subtle yet distinctively pink Hokkaido also went home, and I have got myself one as well, and as soon as it arrives , it`ll become a creamy white goodness:)

I truly hope Natalia will like her old-new wraps in real life and will present us with some amazing wrapping pictures!

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